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This is the Amateur Radio Home Page of Jim LaPorta. My amateur radio (HAM) call sign is N1CC. If you are not interested in HAM radio, then you may not find this page interesting. One of the main sub-hobbies within amateur radio is "contesting". I like to contest, which means to make very brief two-way contacts with other amateurs during a set time period, such as a weekend. This usually means that you don't get a chance to find out much about the other person you have contacted. I think the WWW offers the "Contester" an opportunity to describe their hobby particulars - in such a media that other "Contesters" will enjoy.

I find that "Contesting" is a wonderful training tool for emergency communications operations. The listening skills, getting the right information, and operating for an extended period of time all contribute to skill-building in preparedness for emergencies. Skills stay sharper when you use them often.

Contesting from an in-the-city location, with limited space for antennas, offers a challenge from both technical and "political" standpoints. To be successful, the city-lot-limited Ham has to fit the best antennas possible within the limits set by the community for safety. Fortunately, FCC's Public Radio Bureau ruling "PRB1" and several meetings with the local community zoning board allowed operation to be reasonably undertaken in Albany NY. In South Carolina, where we resided for over two years the covenents and restrictions did not allow outside antennas - which we chose for the neighborhood and school system. Then relocated to Hickory Creek, Texas (11/2000-12/2003), once again living under stringent covenents and restrictions. Apartments for two years 2003-2005 and now my new wife, NE5LL and I are living in our 2005 acquired lake home southeast of the DFW area. Since this is a small lake lot, there is very limted space for any antennas. An Alpha-Delta DX-CC shortened dipole installed in an inverted vee configuration with the apex at 30 feet and the ends at at 10 feet running East-West has been used, in 2009 an DXEngineering 43 foot tall vertical with autotuner at its base, with 15 radials was added and has seemed to improve my signal. 

During 2010 another 17 radials were added making a total of 32 radials.  A lightning storm damaged all of the buried coax (LMR-400 Bury) to both antennas, damaged the MFJ Remote TUner, and blew up the Alpha-Delta Transi-Trap arrestors on August 13, 2010 (NO DAMAGE to station equipment or other devices inside the home! - Thank you Alpha-Delta!!!).  All new connectors, coax, arrestors, warranty-replaced MFJ Tuner, and a grounding buss with multiple 8' ground rods was added to the station for repairs.  The Alpha-Delta DX-CC was replaced with an DX-LB providing better low band close in horizontal support, and better 160 Meter operation.  The DX-CC was recut to be an 20-15-10 multiwire dipole oriented for NE/SW signal enhancement - completed just before CQP event in October.  Station performance has greatly improved and has been measured by attainment of contacts/mults in 33% LESS time on-the-air than in 2009 season. 

In 2011 a 40 foot tower with a Force 12 C3 Beam was placed into service and the Alpha-Delta DX-LB was reoriented.  MFT 1026 Noise Canceller and ClrDSP Audio Filter were added to try and mitigate the line noise from poorly maintained CoOp power company.  We also discovered that an ONCOR substation 2.5 miles to my North East is creating horrible noise levels.  We are (January 2012) still working with our CoOP and trying to get ONCOR to come out and correct their "cost-engineered" system and stop the radiation of what I feel is "intentional" interference on their part.

Trinity Valley Electric Cooperative obtained equipment and training to resolve noise issues and by July 2012 the noise was lower than it had been for a few years.  Part of the solution was having my Texas State Representative speak to ONCOR about the laws that apply and that ensured they would go to Eustace and fix their horrible “noise source”.  The start of the 2012 Contest Season has been more peaceful – man-made noise levels under better control.

In June of 2013 we moved to Frankston, Texas to about 7 acres on the shores of Lake Palestine.  More room, further from Dallas - an overpopulated community and now a rural environment.

My call sign since 1978 has been N1CC. Previously, I held *W5LA , W5QGZ, DL4LA, WA0ISO and K6SXX. I have been an amateur since 1956.

*W5LA was reassigned after 18 years of silence to Jim Ragsdale, formerly K4QG. My old call was His second choice in the 1997 FCC Vanity Call exercise!


 I am an active member of the North Texas Contest Club. I created the club's website.


Member of QCWA since 1981. QCWA is active in Amateur legislative matters and in supporting scholarships for deserving young amateur radio operators. President of Chapter 41 for two terms 2002-2003 and 2003-2004 and a Director of Chapter 41 July 2004-December 2005. General Manager QCWA, Inc. 2012.


I joined the Southeast Contest Club (SECC) and lived in Lexington, SC ... just inside the SECC "circle"!


In the Dallas Amateur Radio Club (W5FC) (1969-1978 and 2000-2001). I was the 1973 President. Field Day Chairman several times.


I am a former member of the Yankee Clipper Contest Club (W2PV). The YCCC is the North Eastern U.S.A.'s largest amateur radio contest group. The club is centered in Sturbridge, MA. YCCC members meet bimonthly for regular meetings and operate "Contest University" at various times throughout the year.


I was a member of Albany Amateur Radio Association (K2CT) the first NY Capital Region club on the WWW! AARA is a Special Services Club active in local community service where club members provide mobile communications to support charitable and community activities and for emergency communications. One of the nation's oldest Ham Clubs organized and incorporated in 1912. First Webmaster for AARA and held offices of Vice President(90), Director(89, 91), Publisher(91-93) and Field Day Chairman(95,96)


Club membership while in Connecticut (1978-1988) was limited to Murphy's Marauders, as there were no local clubs in Northwestern Connecticut. Briefly a member of the Waterbury Amateur Radio Club. Northwestern Connecticut does not have a "high-level" of organization for Amateur Radio as it is very rural and no concentration of hams to support a club exists.


N1CC is a Life Member of the American Radio Relay League. I worked at ARRL Headquarters in 1978 as Deputy Communications Manager. Previous ARRL field appointments included Route Manager, Official Observer, Official Bulletin Station, and Official Relay Station. The ARRL is a national membership organization of amateur radio operators. Prime purposes of the ARRL include lobbying the US Congress in behalf of amateur radio and representing the United States in the International Amateur Radio Union at the ITU.





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